Project Overview 

Placement and orientation of ADU’s are always critical and this one was no different. It was imperative that we minimized the encroachment of this ADU on the backyard, the garage, and the house. We aligned the front door of the structure to the back door of the primary residence and the French doors to the open landscape in the backyard. To keep the solar footprint down, the slab was built on grade to keep it as low as possible. We shortened and restored the original garage to accommodate the ADU adding custom carriage doors and a laundry room. The client’s favorite feature is the Murphy Bed that transforms the living room to the master suite.

Client Testimonial

"The best part of working with NWHR is that you can expect professionalism, attention to detail, and they are personable and trustworthy. Our home and ADU feel like they were built with care and quality craftsmanship which is rare to find. We feel lucky that we have a home and ADU built by NWHR.”

-Tristen C.