“Eric Fowler, owner of Northwest Heritage Renovation, does high-quality work along with his friendly and hardworking team of folks. The scope of our project involved a two-level addition on the back side of a daylight ranch to enlarge and update the master bedroom and bath. A guest bedroom and bath downstairs were similarly improved, and the remainder of the basement was updated. Chris Barlow, NWHR’s accomplished architect, completed the design for our remodel. He’s creative with space, understands what we wanted, and is fun to work with. We highly recommend Chris and Eric along with their entire team for their design and construction work, and could not be any happier with the finished product.”

- Tyler W.

“Conscientious and focused on the customer, we always felt NWHR was very responsive to our questions and needs. We truly enjoyed working with Eric ad his crews who outwardly enjoyed giving their best to their trades. We are very happy with the quality of work and will highly recommend and refer Northwest Heritage Renovations!”

- Michael P.

“Eric did a masterful job of coordinating with us and the homeowner, making sure our design was executed properly. His communication skills, professionalism and attention to detail are the keys to a successful project. We recommend Northwest Heritage Renovations to anyone who is considering a remodel or new construction, and we're looking forward to completing many more beautiful, successful projects.”

- Fraley & Co.

Right from the beginning we felt comfortable with Eric and the Northwest Heritage team. Our project started out working with Chris Barlow on the architectural side who was a great listener and very quickly pieced together the hundreds of Pinterest and Houzz favorites we had collected into a home. Eric and Garrett throughout the process were always available and kept us informed on how things were progressing. We are so happy with the home that we built and highly recommend NWHR to anyone considering construction project. 

The NWHR process saved us time, money, and risk and with full time jobs and young children this was critical. Working with a team that was familiar with one another really helped. Having access to NWHRs ability to price the project early helps you make sure you can afford what you are designing. Barlow Design Studio knew how to blend modern living with classic architecture helping us achieve some really cool features. NWHR being part of the city of Portland’s preferred permitting program saved a lot of time during the permitting process and inspections. There are many more small things like this, add it all together and it simplifies everything if everyone is on the same page.

Before we started working with NWHR, we were house searching with the intention to buy or build. We toured about fifty houses and only two stood out, one was a project Eric completed in Rose City. There was a much higher level of care and attention to detail. Architecturally the layout had every square inch of the house working for the the owner. This was hard to find with many contractors so focused on maximizing their profits. When it came time to build our house we saw the same level of care applied and I have to say this is the best part of working with NWHR, they make sure everything is done to perfection.

I have not worked with anyone else but work in the commercial side of the industry. NWHR compares very well to commercial level work and in many cases is better as is Barlow Design Studio.There are thousands of decisions that need to be made to build a house. NWHR were great at managing all the information and presenting two or three options with costs and aesthetics as part of each decision making our lives as clients much easier. There willingness to spend time with us to make sure we understood what was going on was much appreciated.

The amount of natural light and how the house can be opened up for indoor/outdoor living are my favorite features of the house. The house is very functional, there is a lot of convenience to how it has been laid out. Open living/kitchen/dining is a great way for the family to get together and for privacy the bonus room for the kids and the master bedroom are places people can escape too.

- Chris L. 

“I have painted a few projects for this company and these guys really care about the quality of their work and making sure the customer gets exactly what they want. The crew is very detail oriented and leave nothing to be overlooked. Eric Fowler is easy to work with and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone has what they need. I hope to see their quality and craftsmanship on all of my jobs in the future. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a hassle-free job."

- Eric O.

"Words cannot express how happy we are with the work that you did on our house and how it turned out. 2954 is absolutely spectacular! It is obvious to everyone that you took the time, care, and consideration needed to build a quality house with a style that fits into the neighborhood. More importantly, though, you were respectful to the neighbors throughout the whole process and ever so kind to us (answering our questions, keeping us informed of the progress, being patient with walk-by and drive-bys, and understanding with our tears). You met or exceeded every expectation and we truly believe our home was put into the right hands. We are so grateful."

- Laurie, Lindie, & Mike N.

"NWHR Design/Build has helped us renovate our kitchen and build a single car garage for our house. We were treated with respect and professionalism. Each project had different challenges, but the NWHR team were always open to questions and provided informative answers. I felt I was able to learn and understand more about the building process and city codes, as we worked on our projects. I appreciate knowing the rationale behind the decision-making. 

This past year we had a water leak in our home that damaged the walls of our kitchen that we recently renovated. We thought it was easiest to work with the subcontractors through our insurance company, but it was just a headache. After working with NWHR, the communication and coordination by the contractor were beyond frustrating, not to mention all of their work had problems that needed to be redone. After this poor experience with our restoration of our kitchen, we quit working with our insurance contractor and ran to NWHR Design/Build to restore our bathroom, which was the source of our house leak. The coordination and quality craftsmanship was a breath of fresh air to our 6-month house repairs.  Most of all, I appreciate the quality of work NWHR produces, and quality communication throughout the building process." 

- Brynne S.

Being able to work with one team through the design and build process made all the difference in ending up with the ADU we envisioned.  NWHR's architect and owner/principal contractor communicated regularly throughout the design process which helped ensure the vision we had for the finished product was shared by all.   Having a shared vision among a consistent project team also helped reduce the number of changes and delays during construction.  

Our architect Chris Barlow was creative and innovative.  We had a small space to work within and he was able to design a space that met all of our requirements in a way that did not make us feel like we compromised on anything.  He was open to our ideas and the finished product spoke to what a great listener he was! Eric Fowler is a one in a million contractor... honest, available and full of integrity.   He was routinely on site to check on and participate in the build process.  He became like a family member and we were almost disappointed to have the project end and not see him regularly.  The ADU he built for us was for my parents who live in California. He made it a priority to stop by and visit with them (even on the weekend) to say hello and get their input on how things were looking.  After the project ended, Eric was available and willing to stop by at any time to answer whatever questions we had or tighten up any loose ends that revealed themselves.  

My family has undertaken several improvement projects to our home. I am also an Operations Manager who deals with construction and improvements projects at work.  I have worked with many different contractors and the biggest problems have always been follow through, communication and budget. NWHR never disappointed us on any of these fronts.  Eric provided regular updates about how things were going and what was happening next both via email and access to his project tracking software.  He never gave us an unrealistic budget number for the designs we created and there was never a change order that originated from him during the entire build.   The project was well planned on his end which is what ensured all of these things.

Eric is an easy to guy to get along and communicate with. I never felt awkward or worried about asking him questions or requesting he take a closer look at a detail I noticed. In addition, my family never felt like our project was 'just a job' to Eric and his team.  It was clear to us from the moment construction started that our build was as important to Eric as one he was doing on his own property.  Attention to detail and effort made to ensure things were done right were qualities that Eric's team and all of his sub-contractors shared.  

Each new detail of the unit compliments the next. I appreciate how that is unique to the type of service and vision NWHR provided...they saw how all of the design elements could come together to create a unique and special space.   My favorite thing about the unit is actually the feeling I have when I am inside of it.  It’s warm, comfortable and inspiring which adds so much to our enjoyment using it.   

-Rory G. 

"Eric set our expectations along the way so that our project moved forward as we expected and on the timeline we had set. There were no surprises and if we had questions or concerns along the way, Eric and his team were super responsive and always helpful. With other contractors, we didn’t always have a good sense of how things were progressing, and with Eric, that was never the case. We trusted him completely. He is very selective about the people he employs and contracts with so we felt confident about all the different trades working on our remodel. The quality and design of every detail was crafted with uncompromising craftsmanship. Our kitchen is our favorite place to be now!"

- Erin C. & Ryan K.

"The best part of working with NWHR is that you can expect professionalism, attention to detail, and they are personable and trustworthy. Our home and ADU feel like they were built with care and quality craftsmanship which is rare to find. We feel lucky that we have a home and ADU built by NWHR.”

- Tristen C.

“Thank you all so much for making the house a wonderful home! It’s beautiful, well-crafted and you can feel the love put into it. Thank you for allowing us to make our family memories in this home. You have made this whole process such a positive experience that we can’t help but to feel overwhelmingly lucky that we found your home on a walk with our family one day. We wanted a home that inspires relationships + creativity. Your attention to detail and beautiful finishes do just that. We hope your wonderful reputation continues to grow + prosper.”

- Jon, Kristen, & Paxten C.

“Chris provided the architecture services for my house remodel. He was very prompt throughout the entire process and made sure that all details were on point. We had a number of requests for him and he made everything go smoothly. The project is now done and it exceeded our expectations. We were confident it would turn out well as he was the director. I would gladly refer to him anyone needing quality architectural designs. His ideas were remarkable.”

- Chad B.

"The phases that we've undertaken were executed really well.  I think NWHR is really selective with their subs because they know that all of their work is so much a reflection on the company. The subs were careful and seemed to do good work. Communication has been really good and they seem to have good recommendations for other industry professionals, design options, building materials, etc."

 - Kirk A.

"Eric of Northwest Heritage Renovations is in the 99% percentile of builders. As a colleague of theirs I can't recommend the quality of work, professionalism, and communication enough!"

- East Portland Sash Co.

“We contracted with Eric for an 8-week kitchen remodel, then ended up expanding scope so much (our choice) that we did a "down to the studs" remodel.  The quality of workmanship from Eric's team is amazing. The thoughtfulness and professionalism is unlike any other contractor I've ever worked with.  I can't recommend Eric and his team highly enough.”

- Elizabeth M.

NWHR performed studs out remodel with kitchen expansion on our classic Portland 3 story home with finished basement.  This was our first home renovation project, and we really didn't know where to begin.  NWHR walked us through all phases of the project, and their Design and Build expertise was invaluable in completing the project on time and budget.

The remodel was done on a home that we had just purchased, so we really didn't have a detailed vision of how we wanted every space to turn out.  NWHR gave us decision points along the way to help us realize our vision without overwhelming us.  We really appreciated only having to make the necessary decisions as needed to stay on schedule.  We also were given cost trade offs on the different options to help us along the way.

We did collect bids from other design/build firms, but NWHR provided a more comprehensive solution, at lower cost and shorter time frame.  Furthermore, the references for NWHR were outstanding and gave us the confidence to trust them.

NWHR worked with a great group of subcontractors.  The quality of work and follow-up has been excellent.  NWHR was able to manage a compressed timeline and make sure that each subcontractor was able to complete their work without delaying our more in date.

Overall we love that NWHR was able to maintain (and bring back) the character of our 1911 Portland Foursquare home.  In particular, the kitchen and master bathroom have classic design aesthetics with high quality materials and fixtures that truly are a pleasure to spend time in.  

- Alex G.

NWHR designed and built a front porch addition for my house that is consistent with the aesthetic of my neighborhood (1920's classic old style Portland homes.)  The roof line matches my house, front porch pillars and steps with wooden handrails are beautiful as well as functional.  My neighbors, skeptical about my decision to add a front porch, watched and applauded the finish project together with me; the new porch looks like it was built with the original house, not an add on. 

My favorite part of working with NWHR was the collaboration, courtesy, mutual excitement for the project.  Eric offered multiple design options as we initiated the project.  All designs were creative and appropriate for the house and neighborhood. The final design incorporated components of several designs. 

I previously worked with another contractor to finish a downstairs playroom.  My experience with NWHR stood out in terms of creativity, collaboration and support when I felt stuck in making decisions, etc.

My favorite part of the project is the curved wood plank ceiling on the underside of my front porch. It's beautiful and a consistent source of compliment when friends visit.  Much gratitude for a beautiful and functional addition.  

- Hope S.

We purchased our new home from NWHR and could not have been happier with the experience. We had looked at a number of other properties, and interacted with other builders/ designers, but Eric and the team at NWHR really stood out for us. As prospective buyers, we were used to getting the quick overview of a property, the bullet point review of the highlights, but found a much more in depth story from NWHR. We learned about the previous history of the house, details of the neighborhood, the process by which they came to design and build decisions – it really painted a picture for us, and helped us make a more informed decision.

Eric takes such obvious pride in his work, and in his team. He engages with like-minded experts to make sure that pride is maintained through all the project details, and clearly respects their expertise. We loved the story of the fireplace and chimney rebuild in our home, and it encapsulated the focus on finishing a project as designed and promised. This commitment to a perfect finish stood out for us. And the commitment went well beyond the home purchase – Eric and the team have been back in touch over the last 18 months to make sure everything has been working as intended, and offering advice on the personalization of our home. This was above and beyond what was expected, but much appreciated! Their eye for detail and time taken to understand our goals is key.

Some of our favorite details in our new home are the wonderful, open plan kitchen and living space – so much light and a great flow, the ingenious use of space in the master bedroom and walk-in closet and a beautiful parlor with working fireplace. It ticks all the boxes!

We have recommended Eric and the team to many of our friends and colleagues, and will certainly be using them again for any home projects that come up in the years ahead.

- Aoife and Dave